Hello World.

From the TI-994a to the MacBook – from Pong to Xbox, I’ve been along for the ride. I may be getting old, but gadgets are getting better.
So, it’s time to quit procrastinating and make a tech blog. The plan is to update daily with articles and tutorials that I normally find, as well as my own articles/reviews and documenting my ongoing projects. Eventually I’m sure to expand the site to have other functions, but I’m not going to worry about that right now.

I’ll figure out how to add images and banners later. Just click the links for pop-ups of related material. There is a corresponding youtube channel for the sake of hosting videos, but there will no facebook, myspace or twitter. I don’t want to know what you had for lunch, I don’t want to be poked and we ALL have an upcoming album. Sorry, I’m just worn out on that fluff. I just want to make stuff.

Speaking of fluff : I can’t help wondering about this thing with the Apple programmer who lost the super secret new iphone while drunk at a bar. If anyone knows how to create media hype before putting out a new product, it’s Apple. Leaking that phone out only helps them and the website that exposed it. As much as I love the Apple products I have, they are like the Madonna of electronics. They’ll ban their own shit just to make you want it more.

If you hadn’t heard already : Israel banned the iPad. No, I’m not kidding. They will confiscate your shit at customs if you try and bring it there, and then charge you a “storage fee“. Apparently it does not conform to their WiFi regulations, and have to wait a few more months for their own special model to be released. (or maybe their government just wants to make a New Official Version of their territory map on google.) Zing!! ok, ok, no politics.

I had hoped this was going to rival the much hyped iPad but it seems to be annoyingly sluggish. It’s still being worked on so I shouldn’t count it out quite yet. This is the same company that recently released a very promising multi-touch portable gaming device called Odroid. Just a few of the details off the top of my head : WiFi; internet browser, HDMI out; lots of built in flash; SD expansion; accelerometer; developer boards, the works… and open source. Delicious.

They sold these units rather quickly and there’s been no word on the website about putting it back in stock anytime soon. I hope they don’t a have a Pump N Dump philosophy, because the engineers are obviously capable of making a kick ass product. Whatever the case may be I hope someone gives that limited iPad a run for it’s money soon.

I always say :  Don’t ever buy a first generation product.


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