BenHeck, CircuitGirl & TheUnknownLobster

The man : the game mod legend : a king among geeks : (drum roll) : Ben Heck has pretty much finished his insane Bill Paxton Pinball Machine.
This project will not be officially complete until I see Mr.BigLove himself step up to those buttons and give it a go. I’ll bet he would gladly autograph it. It’s not like every D-List celeb gets immortalized old school arcade style.
I also bet the only woman in the entire planet that will truly appreciate that thing is Miss Pinball herself, Miss c64… (drum roll) Circuit Girl. Lately she’s had a thing for roasting Peeps with volatile substances and a blowtorch.
I know, I know, but come on. How are you going to have a hacker / mod related blog without inducting these two? Cut me some slack.
Just to balance things off a little, here’s a young rising geekster with the skills to pay the bills. This video is a resume unto itself, but far more enjoyable than any resume could be. Even tech-tards will enjoy that one 🙂

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