Arduinos on the way with another J and it’s OK

The title is a Pharcyde reference, incase you’re a square. 😛
Fueled by my dear old friend OCD, I have been pondering for months on what I could do with an Arduino. It should arrive TODAY along with an assortment of components from SparkFun.
The projects I want to dive into are a bit too advanced for a microcontroller n00b, so I will humbly learn to crawl first. Always embrace the role of the rookie, because you have to be a rookie before you can make fun of them.
I have two very kick-ass one-of-a-kind binary clock designs but I don’t want to give them away and then see it a week later on one of my favorite websites. It’s MINE. Besides, talk is cheap.. let’s get that pretty little PBC fired up first.

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